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John Deere Harvest In The Heartland

Nintendo DS

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Rated E

Craft virgin soil into a profitable, prize winning, and picturesque farm, all through an intuitive Touch Screen interface. Use the Nintendo DS stylus to work the land, pick crops, milk cows, and more. Prepare crops and livestock to earn cash, improve your farm, and purchase land, livestock, and authentic John Deere equipment. Neglect the farm and you will reap what you sow.

Make It Your Way: Use the touch screen and stylus to work the land into the farm of your dreams. Place fields and buildings where you want them. Use the top screen to monitor your farm with the mini-map and check on the status of crops and livestock with the Query Tool. Cheer as your farm thrives or cry as negligence dashes your dreams to dust. As your farm grows, so do your customization choices. Get Your Hands Dirty: Use the stylus to clear land, plant and harvest crops, and drive authentic John Deere equipment. Paint your barn and create a unique logo for your farm which identifies you at the Commodities Market. Feed, care for, and harvest products from animals in your farm through a variety of fun and intuitive stylus actions. The Commodities Market and County Fair: Raise crops and livestock for sale at the daily Commodities Market; reinvest money earned from the sale of crops and animal products to upgrade your John Deere equipment and make your farm more efficient and more profitable. Or, enter your products and livestock in “best of” contests at the County Fair for prizes and notoriety.

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