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Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?

2011 Documentary/Music Not Rated 81 Minutes

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Could the King of Pop actually be alive? Investigative journalist Pearl Jr explores the possibility that Michael Jackson faked his death. In the tradition of Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur, many fans will not accept the possibility that the legend has passed away. In Michael Jackson’s case, there in fact are many reasons to believe the King of Pop may have actually faked his death. Pearl Jr. lays out the amazing facts and several strange coincidences that could lead many people to believe Michael Jackson may not have died. Plus bonus features including a possible Michael Jackson sighting!

The Facts: No Name on his grave No mention of the burn on his scalp in the autopsy No open casket Fraudulent Will Wrong name on ALL death documents The Elvis copycat “This is It” features a movie about faking death Fame Ambulance Photo The Numerology of 7 The odd behavior of the Jackson Family Members Michael’s clues A book about Michael’s death published the day before he died A Come Back date Timing of his death was just too perfect The elaborate set-up, slip-ups, evidence and more PROOF that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Plus, a Michael Jackson Sighting!

Not Rated.

Released by Celebrity Video Distribution. See more credits.