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And the winner for Best Movie Poster of 2007 goes to...

Posted Friday, January 5, 2007 at 11:40 AM Central

by Tim Briscoe

OK, we realize we're jumping the gun just a bit by awarding this prize today, just five days into 2007. But this one is just too cool not to give it some attention.

It's Black Snake Moan, the second film from writer-director Craig Brewer. Brewer got everyone's attention with his last movie, 2005's Hustle & Flow.

'Moan,' also set in Memphis, looks equally gritty as 'Flow.' The poster reflects this tone and is somewhat reminiscent of tattered poster for Pulp Fiction. Well, I may be the only one who thinks of 'Pulp' when they see this but regardless, this poster is damn cool.

The film stars Samuel L. Jackson as a washed-up bluesman who uses some unique rehabilitation techniques to help the town tramp played by Christina Ricci. Justin Timberlake also has a role.

Black Snake Moan is in theaters on Feb. 23.