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Learn the history of Spider-Man's black costume

Posted Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at 12:38 PM Central

by Tim Briscoe

This summer's Spider-Man 3 will introduce a very interesting storyline from the Marvel comics. As teased in the movie posters and trailers, the new movie will extensively feature Spidey in his black threads -- at least this is what we anticipate.

Unless you were a fan of the Spider-Man comics in the mid '80s (as I was), you may not know of the story arc involving the alien symbiote which became his black costume. As we all eagerly anticipate the May 4 release of Spider-Man 3, you may want to go back and check out the source material, or at least read a Cliffs' Notes version of it.

Well fear not, true believers! The official source for all things Spider-Man, Marvel.com, has the condensed version of the story. But beware: it may or may not match up with what Sam Raimi has in store with the movie. (One difference is relatively certain. The alien symbiote will come to Spider-Man rather than Spider-Man discovering it on a distant planet as happened in the comics.)

Read on for the black costume story. But beware, as SPOILERS may lie ahead!

Source: Marvel.com