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Swag Bag -- Totally Free Edition: 'In a World' cell phone ringtone

Posted Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 3:48 PM Central

by Tim Briscoe

There are a few places in life where you can display your geeky love of movies. You can cover your walls with movie posters. You can wear a movie-inspired T-shirt.

Now you can have a cell phone ringtone which shows the world how much you love movies. And it's totally free.

It comes from voice actor Beau Weaver. You may recognize his voice from movie trailers for Into the Wild, Epic Movie, Shrek the Third and others.

In this MP3 that you can download from Weaver's site, he goes into full-on Don LaFontaine mode. The result is priceless -- both literally and figuratively.

You can load up the MP3 to your cell phone, Blackberry, etc. For an iPhone, you'll have to weave some magic through GarageBand on the Mac. (Here are the iPhone ringtone instructions.)

Editor's Note: "Swag Bag" is our not-so-regular column of cool, movie-inspired collectibles, toys, and clothing. We like to consider it our version of the gift bags given to annual attendees of the Oscars. The big difference is that we don't have a prestigious awards ceremony to give away this stuff so we simply list the findings here. If you have a suggestion for this feature, please send it to us.

Source: TUAW