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Disney reinvents 'Cinderella' yet again in new trailer

Posted Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 3:57 PM Central

by John Couture

We get it Disney.

You own Cinderella and you're going to do whatever you want with the property. First, you decidedly sexed her up in the first image released from the film. Next, you put out what many people called the worst teaser trailer ever made back in May.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what you're doing and I'm afraid you've lost the message as well. For whatever reason, you got legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz to shoot Lily James in her Cinderella's famous ball gown for the latest poster. Granted, the picture is beautiful and Lily James is absolutely gorgeous, but this looks more like the cover of Maxim than a movie poster.

There is such a thing as being too artistic. In fact, you only have to look as far as another film based on a fairy tale in Mirror, Mirror to get my point. It's perfectly OK (although some would argue otherwise) to remake a cartoon as a live-action film, but if you're just going to make it look cartoony, then what's the point?

As an aside, I will probably always mix up Lily Collins and Lily James from this point forward. In fact, I didn't even realize that they were two different people until I started this story. As my colleague Tim points out, one has eyebrows, while the other has boobs. Astute point and topical for this story.

As I mentioned before, it's just a bit disconcerting to see a cleavage-baring Cinderella, even if it's appropriate for the time period. Perhaps, it's the fact that I'm now the father of a young girl, but I think it's more to the point of just presenting a consistent message.

Speaking of, what is the story of Cinderella again? My poor daughter knows the book and cartoon version like the back of her hand and now suddenly her name is Ella and she's met and flirted with the Prince before the ball? How does Disney expect me to answer all of these questions for my daughter? Also, isn't three years old a little young to explain the nuances of cleavage and the plunging neckline?

But I digress.

The trailer stands on its own merits and it looks to be quite good. Of course, with that earlier teaser as the measuring stick, it's pretty hard to be any worse. Cinderella hits theaters on March 13, 2015.