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Jude Law Crashing Arnie's Party?

Posted Friday, August 10, 2001 at 2:23 PM Central

by John Couture

Jude Law is starting to resemble the characters that he has played recently. The British actor is teasing the press over his next role, almost to the point of torture.

He did say that he is set to play a villain in a new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. He went on to say that the movie is a sequel to one of Arnie's earlier movies and that it also stars a leggy brunette.

Could he mean Terminator 3? Well, early rumors had Famke Janssen playing a female villain, but those have since been retracted. And, recently, Vin Diesel was announced as playing opposite Arnie in T3.

Well, how about the long rumored sequel to True Lies? Jamie Lee Curtis would surely fill the "leggy brunette" role. But, news on this movie's been stale for a long while. Arnie is set to do Terminator 3 and a newly announced comedy, before even considering True Lies 2.

So the mystery remains, and Jude Law remains an enigma wrapped in a riddle.