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Prestige 1932
The Old Dark House The Old Dark House 1932
As You Desire Me 1932
The Broken Wing 1932
The Vampire Bat The Vampire Bat 1933
Dangerous Corner 1934
She Married Her Boss 1935
Annie Oakley Annie Oakley 1935
Mary Burns, Fugitive 1935
The Lone Wolf Returns 1935
The Gorgeous Hussy The Gorgeous Hussy 1936
And So They Were Married And So They Were Married 1936
Theodora Goes Wild Theodora Goes Wild 1936
Angel Angel 1937
I Met Him In Paris I Met Him In Paris 1937
I'll Take Romance 1937
Captains Courageous 1937
There's Always A Woman There's Always A Woman 1938
Fast Company 1938
The Shining Hour The Shining Hour 1938
The Toy Wife 1938
There's That Woman Again 1938
The Rare-Book Murder 1938
Arsene Lupin Returns 1938
That Certain Age That Certain Age 1938
Ninotchka Ninotchka 1939
Good Girls Go To Paris 1939
Tell No Tales 1939
Amazing Mr. Williams 1939
This Thing Called Love 1940
Too Many Husbands Too Many Husbands 1940
Third Finger, Left Hand Third Finger, Left Hand 1940
A Woman's Face A Woman's Face 1941
That Uncertain Feeling That Uncertain Feeling 1941
Our Wife 1941
Two-Faced Woman Two-Faced Woman 1941
They All Kissed The Bride 1942
We Were Dancing We Were Dancing 1942
Three Hearts For Julia 1943
The Guilt Of Janet Ames 1947
The Sea Of Grass The Sea Of Grass 1947
My Own True Love 1948
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 1948
A Woman's Secret A Woman's Secret 1949
The Great Sinner The Great Sinner 1949
My Forbidden Past My Forbidden Past 1951
On The Loose 1951
Billy Budd Billy Budd 1962
Hud 1963
Advance To The Rear Advance To The Rear 1964
The Americanization Of Emily The Americanization Of Emily 1964
Rapture 1965
Hotel Hotel 1967
Companions In Nightmare 1968
Hunters Are For Killing Hunters Are For Killing 1970
I Never Sang For My Father 1970
Hard Frame 1970
Death Takes A Holiday 1971
The Candidate 1972
One Is A Lonely Number 1972
The Death Squad 1973
The Going Up Of David Lev 1973
Murder Or Mercy 1974
Lives Of Ben Franklin: The Statesman 1975
The Tenant 1976
Intimate Strangers 1977
The Changeling The Changeling 1979
The Seduction Of Joe Tynan The Seduction Of Joe Tynan 1979
Being There Being There 1979
Tell Me A Riddle 1980
The Hot Touch The Hot Touch 1981
Ghost Story Ghost Story 1981
Ghost Story: The Complete Series Ghost Story: The Complete Series 2012
Paul Newman 6-Film Collection Paul Newman 6-Film Collection 2019
Noir Archive: Volume 1 Noir Archive: Volume 1 2019