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Sleeper Cell

2006 TV Series/Action Not Rated 600 Minutes

Sleeper Cell

In Theaters Made for TV
On 4K UHD Not Available
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On DVD March 14, 2006

Sleeper Cell takes viewers behind the veil of an U.S. home-grown terrorist group, tracking the harrowing challenges faced by a FBI agent determined to learn its secrets. Having posed as a prisoner inside a federal penitentiary, a young agent (Michael Ealy) develops contacts that enable him to infiltrate an Islamic terrorist cell in Los Angeles.

The cell is led by an intimidating, charismatic extremist (Oded Fehr), who considers all acts of violence moral when serving the greater good of his cause. But early in the investigation something goes wrong, placing lives - and the integrity of a three-year mission - in serious jeopardy.

Not Rated.

Released by Showtime. See more credits.

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